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Updated: October 21, 2022

My Favorite Bali Hotels

• Nusa Dua: St. Regis
• Jimbaran: Four Seasons
• Seminyak: W Bali
• Legian: Padma Resort
• Kuta: Hard Rock
• Ubud: Four Seasons Sayan
• Best New Hotel: Raffles Bali

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Best beach and beach hotel in Bali.

The St Regis on the fantastic Nusa Dua beach is one of the best beach resorts in Bali.

The 12 Best Bali Beaches

Bali Hotel Map

Beach hotels in Bali.
Most of the best beaches in Bali are found in the south: around Kuta, Jimbaran, and the Bukit Peninsula. Some of these are also very busy (particularly the coast from Kuta to Seminyak). If you get a taxi it’s easy to find some great stretches of sand with few other tourists. The best beach weather in Bali is usually found between April and early November but since Bali is a year round destination, concern about weather and seasons should not be a major concern when planning a trip. Book the best Bali hotels 3 to 6 months in advance.

1. Crystal Bay

Beach hotels in Nusa Penida.
This sheltered cove is almost perfect: with blue-green waters, sloping palm trees, rocky islets just offshore and a hilly backdrop, it is also astoundingly undeveloped. With more cattle grazing than tourists lazing, it is so idyllic because it’s so isolated: on Nusa Penida island, an hour by speedboat from Bali, and only accessible by chartered vehicle or rented motorbike. With only a few laidback bungalows nearby and a handful of thatched-roof cafés on the sand, the reefs are popular among scuba-divers and snorkelers who mostly arrive by boat from more developed regions.

2. Seminyak

Great beach in Bali.
An extension to the north of the surf, sand and sunsets of Kuta and Legian, Seminyak is unquestionably more sophisticated, with a classier array of shops, cafés and hotels. With streets far less choked by traffic and hawkers, Seminyak is popular for both families and honeymooners, and rice-fields are still visible among the rampant villa construction. The waves are filled with surfers but potentially dangerous for swimmers, and further north the sand becomes increasingly grey and uninviting. Unlike its southern rivals, cafés spread beanbags across the sand late every afternoon for the magical combination of sunsets and cocktails.
Recommended Hotels: W Bali (the best hotel in Seminyak) • The Legian Bali (luxury beach hotel) • The Oberoi (luxurious and charming beach resort)

3. Jimbaran

Beach hotels in Jimbaran, Bali.
Despite its proximity to the airport and all the hedonism on offer at Kuta, Jimbaran remains comparatively undeveloped. With stretches of the extended curved bay sometimes empty, it’s perfect for walking, and some modest surf can be found at the southern end. With a moderate range of places to stay, eat, drink and shop, Jimbaran is also a genuine village, home to an ancient temple and sprawling produce and fish markets. As well as an ideal base to explore southern Bali, a highlight of any trip to the island is a sunset dinner at a café along Jimbaran Bay, with fresh seafood a specialty.
Recommended Hotels: Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay (5-star luxury beach hotel) • Jimbaran Puri (awesome beach front location) • Hotel Puri Bambu (cheap and charming, short walk to beach)

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach in Bali.

Eating fresh delicious seafood as the sun sets at one of the beach restaurants in Jimbaran is a highlight of a Bali visit.

4. Nusa Dua

Beach hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali.
The best beach for a family holiday, Nusa Dua is a unique gated complex of 4 and 5-star resorts. The region offers a serenity and tranquility unfound elsewhere on Bali, although some may regard the setting as a little sterile. With most resorts featuring extensive tropical gardens and facing glorious stretches of bleached-white sands and still waters, Nusa Dua is also convenient for the water-sports along neighboring Tanjung Benoa, the cultural attractions of the southern peninsula, and the malls and clubs of Kuta (via a new tollway).
Recommended Hotels: Grand Hyatt (maybe the nicest beach resort on Bali) • St Regis (super deluxe beach resort) • The Laguna (5 star resort) • The Westin (good kids club)

5. Legian

Beach hotels in Legian/Kuta, Bali.
Squeezed between the malls and clubs of brassy Kuta, and the bistros and boutiques of classy Seminyak, the lanes of Legian are still crammed with shops, cafés, and bars, but the pace is undeniably less hectic. As an extension of Kuta, Legian Beach is wide and white, but also wavy – more suitable for surfers than swimmers. With beachside hotels facing a vehicle-free path (rather than a noisy road), Legian is justifiably popular with families.
Recommended Hotels: Padma Resort (the most luxurious resort in Kuta area) • The Stones

6. Kuta

Beach hotels in Kuta, Bali.
Love or loathe the decadence and the frenetic malls, clubs, and bars, Kuta Beach is renowned across the world for a reason: it’s wide and sandy, and offers glorious sunsets, as well as surfboard rental, lounge chairs and drink stalls. Of course, the choice of places to spend money within a few minutes’ walk is legendary, but only a few hotels face the sea – and these also overlook a busy esplanade. The waves are popular among surfers, so Kuta is not always ideal for swimming, especially by children and novices.
Recommended Hotels: Sheraton Kuta ResortHard Rock Hotel (kid-friendly, amazing pool)

7. Mushroom Bay

Beach hotels in Nusa Lembongan.
Most beaches on the idyllic and (almost) vehicle-free Nusa Lembongan island, just 30 minutes by boat from Sanur, are unsafe, dirty or inaccessible. Not so, Mushroom Bay, a lovely, sheltered and curved bay of white sands and calm waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling (but not surfing). The narrow single access road and hilly landscape ensure that it remains relatively undeveloped and gloriously laidback, although most of the low-star hotels and modest cafés don’t face the sea.

8. Padangbai

Beach hotels in Padangbai, Bali.
With potential overdevelopment thwarted by a mountainous backdrop, Padangbai still retains an adorable village vibe, despite the minibuses offloading island-hoppers for speedboats to the Gilis, and the non-stop ferries to neighboring Lombok island. Lined with fishing boats, the scenic bay alongside the vehicle-free main street is more suited for strolling and sitting, but only 10 minutes away on foot are the lovable Blue Lagoon beach and Crusoe-esque Bias Tugel cove. And Padangbai is perfect for exploring the rugged east coast, dominated by the omnipotent Agung volcano.
Recommended Hotels: Bloo Lagoon Eco Village (wonderful hotel in charming location) • Absolute Scuba Dive Resort (great place, super friendly)

9. Padang Padang

Beach hotels in Padang Padang, Bali.
Known mostly to hardy surfers, Padang Padang is one of a few undersized beaches along the craggy southern peninsula. While others are remote and often only accessible via rickety steps, Padang Padang is an easy day trip from the southern resort regions, and a handful of hotels and a couple of cafés are perched among the cliffs nearby. The daunting waves are distant, so swimming is safe, and the younger ones can happily splash about the saltwater pools left in the sand by the outgoing tides.
Recommended Hotels: The Luxe (fantastic luxury villa for families or large groups) • Suarga Padang Padang (idyllic clifftop views and sunsets)

10. Pasir Putih

Beach hotels in Pasir Putih.
Still remarkably undeveloped, White Sands Beach is a fishing village backed by coconut groves, with a few chilled-out cafés offering massages, juices and lounges. (The nearest hotels are in Candidasa, a beach resort 7km away without a beach.) Pasir Putih offers soft sands for sunbathing, tranquil waters flanked by rocky outcrops for shady swimming, and superb snorkeling, with equipment available for rent at the beachside stalls.

11. Sanur

Beach hotels in Sanur, Bali.
With negligible nightlife and zero surf, Sanur is a far quieter alternative to Kuta. With more serenity and fewer tangled laneways, many hotels and cafés face the sea, alongside which is a delightful 7km walking and cycling path. The beaches are protected by breakwaters, but swimming is unappealing and virtually impossible during low tide. Still retaining a village feel, with beachfront temples and a market among the backstreets, Sanur is an ideal base for exploring the southern peninsula (via the new tollway) and the cultural beauty of central Bali.
Recommended Hotels: Segara Village Hotel (awesome beachfront hotel) • Tandjung Sari Hotel (charming Balinese style hotel, boutique luxury at very reasonable rates)

12. Tanjung Benoa

Beach hotels in Tanjung Benoa, Bali.
A more affordable option to neighboring Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa occupies the peninsular thumb of southern Bali, with a fascinating village at the thumbnail tip. The white-sand beach is extensive, and the water relatively calm, but swimming and sunbathing can be less enjoyable because of the plethora of watersport kiosks offering unruly parasailing and thunderous jet-skiing. A broad range of hotels are available, while the single main road is lined with seemingly endless places to shop, eat, and drink.
Recommended Hotels: The Sakala Resort & Beach Club (fantastic beach resort) • Conrad Bali (pure luxury, great for families) • Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa (good value, great location)

Other Great Bali Beaches

Canggu – 30 minutes north of Kuta

Bali beach during sunset.

Tuban – 5 minutes south of Kuta

Beach hotels in Tuban, Bali.

Balangan – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Beach hotels in Balangan, Bali.

Bingin – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Beach hotels near Bingin, Bali.

Dreamland Beach – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Beach hotels near Dreamland, Bali.

Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan – 30 minute boat ride from Sanur

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan – Bali's Best Beaches

The 21 Best Beach Hotels in Bali

Beach hotel in Jimbaran, Bali.

The wonderful InterContinental Resort on beautiful Jimbaran Beach – a quiet location but still a short drive to airport and Kuta shopping and nightlife.

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  1. Best Swimming Beach for Kids / Best Beach for Learning How to Surf

    I am planning our trip to Bali for July. Everywhere looks amazing and we’re super excited. The one difficulty that we have as a family is that we have two young children (ages 3 and 4) and two older children (ages 12 and 14). We want a beach with calm water for the young ones and the older ones are very keen on learning how to surf. I’m guessing that these can not be found at the same beach. We are willing to split our beach time between 2 towns, what do you think would be the two best towns for us to stay at.

    Thank you,

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      You’re right, calm water (for young kids) and decent sized waves (for learning how to surf) can not be found at the same beach. The closest to that scenario would be Sanur which has calm water protected by the reef and good surf out beyond the reef – but Sanur is not a great place to learn to surf and the waves are pretty quiet in July. As you suggest, I would split your time. Half in Nusa Dua or Sanur (both have calm water, Nusa Dua has a nicer beach but not much around it, Sanur is a nicer town with a friendly atmosphere and good restaurants). And the other half in the Kuta area where there are good waves for beginners and lots of surf shops that rent boards and offer lessons.

  2. Sanur in August with Kids

    We’re coming to Bali in August. Based on the suggestions of friends we are going to spend the majority of our time in Sanur. I just have a small nagging feeling that it will be too slow for our tastes. Are there good restaurants in Sanur and places to go for a drink that aren’t completely dead?

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      Sanur has plenty of places to eat, drink, and have a good time. If you’re looking for nightlife and dance clubs then yes, it will be too slow. But if you just want some fun and active places to hang out then there are plenty.

  3. Bali Beaches in January

    Can you tell me if Seminyak or Jimbaran are good for swimming into the ocean in mid January?
    I will come to Bali in 10th of January for 6 days and don’t know which area should I choose.
    I’m looking for nice beach for day time and some action in late evening (I am not affraid to take taxis for 5-10 minutes).
    I will not stay all days at the beach because I want to book 2 or 3 day time trips for seeing as much as I can from Bali.


    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      Bali is hot all year around – the only difference is that there is a definite wet season from about late October to March. So, swimming is good at any time of the year. However, note that Seminyak is an extension of the world-famous Kuta beach, which is very popular with surfers, so in Seminyak there are plenty of big waves close to the shore and plenty of surfers trying to catch them.

      In contrast, Jimbaran is free of surf and, therefore, surfers. Parts of the beach in Jimbaran are lined with jukung fishing boats and from about 3pm much of the sand becomes crowded with makeshift cafes (this is part of the appeal of Jimbaran) offering seafood dinners at sunset, but the water is calm for swimming and the sand more pure white than on Seminyak, where sitting on a beanbag at sunset with a cocktail is also a highlight.

      It is important to choose your base carefully, depending on your exact needs. Jimbaran has no ‘action’ at night, except the charming sunset dinners, while Seminyak is only 5-10 minutes by taxi from the multi-storey nightclubs of Kuta/Legian, and Seminyak itself also offers an interesting array of cafes and bars featuring live sophisticated acoustic, jazz, and pop music – but little hip-hop or dance/electronic. So, Seminyak would probably suit your needs, and it’s easy enough to charter a car with a driver from your hotel in Seminyak (or Jimbaran) for day-trips around the island. Otherwise, also base yourself for a couple of days in Ubud, the cultural and spiritual heartland of the island.

  4. Best Beaches for Toddler on Bali

    We will be in Bali from 18-29 of December with our 2-year old and would like a nice beach vacation. Which beaches do you recommend best for a toddler at this time of year? I was thinking maybe Sanur and Nusa Dua or Sanur and Jimbaran? Or maybe something else? Thank you!

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      It is always important to choose the right base for your visit – especially if you’re a first-time visitor; even more so with a child. For this reason, some beach resort areas would not be recommended: Kuta/Legian/Seminyak would be too noisy and busy (particularly at that time of the year); Lovina or Candidasa would involve 3-4 hours of windy and traffic-clogged roads in a minibus; and other regions would also involve uncomfortable travel (eg the Gili Islands) or lack facilities (eg Pemuteran).

      So, yes, the best three regions to base yourself would be Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. The pros and cons for your situation …
      1) Sanur – calm, shallow sea; more space than other regions to walk around; great range of accommodation; paths for walking and cycling away from the main roads; a few family-friendly hotels
      2) Jimbaran – quieter and less visited of the three options, but less range of accommodation; shallow and calm sea, except to the south where waves are high enough for basic surf lessons; minimal accommodation really caters for families
      3) Nusa Dua – expensive as all accommodation is 4-5 star resorts; plenty of space and greenery; comparatively very little traffic and other hassles; almost all resorts have a kid’s club but few cater for under 5 year-olds, but all have child-minding services; calm, shallow sea created by breakwaters and cordons, but can be noisy with jet skis

      If you’re staying for 11-12 nights and using two different bases, then Sanur and Nusa Dua (if you can afford upmarket resorts) would be the ideal combination. If Nusa Dua is out of your range, then consider spending your entire holiday based in Sanur.

      As you most probably know, this is one of the busiest weeks of the year, so you should book your accommodation immediately.

  5. Best Bali Beach in May


    My husband and I are traveling to Bali for the first time in May this year for 5 days. We would like to stay on/close to the beach, but do not want to be far removed from everything else. While we are not huge party-goers, but it might be nice to have a little nightlife as an option. We are also open to both hotels and villas. Which areas would you recommend?


    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      Every resort region in Bali is slightly and, often, significantly, different in terms of facilities, location and types of tourists it attracts. If you know what you want – and, perhaps more importantly, don’t want – it’s easy enough to narrow down your options and choose the most suitable base. In your case, this is Seminyak.

      For first-time visitors, the crowds, noise, traffic and hawkers at Kuta and, to a lesser degree, Legian, can be overwhelming. Places like Ubud are ideal for cultural experiences and day-tripping to the countryside, but are not on the beach, while other beach regions like Sanur and Nusa Dua have little or no nightlife. And with only 5 days you won’t want to spend valuable time travelling to more remote areas like Lovina or the Gili Islands.

      Seminyak is only 20-30 minutes by taxi from the airport, and only 10 mins from the malls and clubs of Kuta. It is also a good base to daytrip by chartered car with a driver to the remarkable temple at Tanah Lot and the cultural wonders of Ubud. Seminyak offers sophisticated shopping, rather than tacky souvenir stalls, and live music in quaint cafés rather than multi-storey nightclubs offering electronic music. And it boasts the legendary beaches and sunsets for which Bali is renowned, although the sand is greyish.

      Seminyak has quite a few villas, which are popular with large groups and families because of the space they provide, and with those seeking seclusion behind walls. Villas are usually more expensive than hotels, especially for short stays, and offer extras like a fully-equipped kitchen that guests rarely use. And most villas are located along remote roads, perhaps 20+ minutes’ walk from the beach and any selection of shops/cafés, and nowhere near any taxis.

      You are probably better off staying at a hotel, and Seminyak has plenty to choose from in all price ranges. Here are three different recommendations:
      1) Breezes Bali Resort – about 200m from the beach, it’s comfortable, convenient and mid-priced, along a quietish street with plenty of shops/cafés
      2) Royal Beach Seminyak – facing an expansive beach, it’s charming and traditional (not another ugly mega-resort), with plenty of shops/cafés within walking distance
      3) Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort – smaller and more affordable and convenient than other modern resorts nearby, it’s at the end of a road lined with classy bistros/boutiques and faces the beach

  6. Honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia


    I need your help!
    I intend to spend 5 days from my honeymoon next April in Bali and I am lost between all the different areas of Bali and don’t know what to choose.
    I prefer place close to beach, not crowded, and at the same time has a private pool (whether a villa or a room) also private and not isolated from restaurants and cafes.
    I don’t care so much about nightlife but I would like to have daylight activities.
    Sally Soliman

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      With only 5 days, you won’t have time to explore much of Bali, and you won’t want to spend too much time travelling between the airport and your hotel. So, your best base is probably Nusa Dua, which is about 25 minutes from the airport. It is a secure, gated complex of 4-5 star resorts that doesn’t have any of the hassles common in Kuta/Legian/Seminyak, eg traffic, noise, crowds, hawkers etc. (If hotels in Nusa Dua are too expensive, try Tanjung Benoa, only a few kilometres to the north.)

      Almost all resorts in Nusa Dua face glorious beaches, often empty of other tourists, and most offer private pool villas that are secluded but still only 100m or so from a variety of cafés and bars inside the hotel complex. Otherwise, the free hourly shuttle bus takes guests to the delightful outdoor Bali Collection Mall, with plenty of places to shop, eat and drink. Nusa Dua has very little nightlife, but is an ideal place to organize daytrips to experience the wonders of Bali, and every resort also offers fun activities for guests, such as snorkeling, tennis, cooking classes, jet skiing etc.

      Most resorts cater for honeymooners, with special honeymoon suites and romantic activities (eg candlelit dinners on the beach). Particularly recommended are The Grand Hyatt Bali, with secluded pool villas and an extensive beach, all within walking distance of the Bali Collection Mall; and the extraordinary St Regis, with perfect beachside pool villas, as well as unlimited luxury, traditional and charm.

  7. Best Places to go in Bali in April

    Hi there
    We are visiting Bali for the first time in April and was wondering what places would be best to spend our 10 nights. We were thinking of heading up to Ubud and then to the East Coast (Amed, Candidasa) then over to the Gilis for a couple of nights and finishing around Bingin/ Ulawatu. What are your thoughts? We love to swim and dive, but would like a good mix of culture and beach. Also love food and the occasional night out.
    What would you suggest?
    Leigh Darrington

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      Bali is small, but travelling around can take longer than often anticipated by visitors because of traffic (especially in the south), mountainous roads (mainly in the central highlands) and minibus transfers and waiting around harbors if going to the islands. For example, from the airport to Amed could easily take 4 hours, and Ubud to the Gili Islands 3-4 hours.

      With only 10 days, don’t be tempted to base yourself in more than three places: one place for cultural and landscapes; another for nightlife and shopping; and a third for beaches and relaxing. So, perhaps consider basing yourself in
      1) Ubud – the obvious and natural base for Bali’s unique culture, and for day-tripping to extraordinary places like the rock sculptures at Gunung Kawi; the sacred springs and temple at Tirta Empul; and the amazing crater views and lake at Gunung Batur.
      2) Seminyak – for sophisticated nightlife, shopping and eating, with legendary sunsets on the beach
      3) Gili Islands – ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving and relaxing (with no vehicles or traffic), and a village vibe if staying on Gili Air

      Bingin and Ulu Watu are overwhelmingly surf beaches, with little or no sand. They are also remote and not easy to reach. You could day trip by taxi from Seminyak (allow an hour one-way) or stay in one of the handful of surfer homestays nearby. There is nothing else to do there but surf, surf, and, well, surf – except for the lovely temple, of course, at Ulu Watu – so you would be better off relishing the sand, surf, sunsets and sea at Seminyak and the Gilis.

  8. Jimbaran, Ubud, and Sanur


    Bali will be the first stop of our honeymoon, and we are planning on spending two nights in Jimbaran, four in Ubud and four in Sanur. We are stopping first in Jimbaran to beat the jet lag and take advantage of staying at the hotel that houses Rock Bar to watch the sunset there. Do you think this is wise or should we just go directly to Ubud? Our flight arrives at midnight. We want culture, food and beach time, no shopping and no partying.

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      Jimbaran Beach is a short drive from the airport and a perfect stop to start your trip. But Ayana is not on the Jimbaran beach but around a headland a bit and it’s a good 30 minute drive from the airport to the resort. Ubud would be about 80 minutes as there shouldn’t be any traffic (which can be terrible up to Ubud through the day). Staying at Ayana is a great choice but if the goal is to get to Ubud then just go straight there. If you truly want something close to the airport after your flight then go with the Intercontinental Jimbaran or the Belmond.

  9. Kid-Friendly Beaches in Bali

    Hi, I am thinking about staying at Pekutatan, Pulukan, or Tanah Lot, but I cannot really find any information about how kids-friendly the beaches are at those 3 places? The kids are 10 and 14, and we just want to splash and swim a little.

    We are also thinking about staying at either Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, or Tanjung Benoa – but how are the beaches at those 3 places?

    Thank you

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      One of the many highlights of a trip to Bali would be a visit to the revered and scenic Tanah Lot temple, but this is not a tourist region for accommodation. Other than a neighboring resort with golf course, and a few homestays along the road to the temple, there are very few places to stay and eat, and almost nowhere to shop. And the area is remote, with no taxis anywhere close, and the coastline is mostly cliffs with no beach.

      Pekutatan and Pulukan are more or less the same place, further up the coast. This area is even more isolated, with almost nowhere to stay or eat outside the nearby village of Medewi, which caters almost exclusively for surfers. The beaches along the coast north-west of the main tourist region, which stops at Seminyak, are grey, rocky and for surfing, not swimming. So, none of the three places you mentioned are suitable for children.

      The beach along the main tourist strip of Tuban-Kuta-Legian-Seminyak is also popular for surfing, and suitable for strong swimmers, but with plenty of surfers and strong waves, it doesn’t sound suitable for your children. So, the three other beaches you mentioned are far better options.

      Jimbaran is a gorgeous curved bay of white sands and calm waters that is remarkably quiet and undeveloped in places, despite being so close to the airport and to Kuta, about 10 minutes away by taxi. Jimbaran has the added advantage of offering seafood cafés on the sand at sunset with fireworks and wandering musicians – a definite highlight of your trip. And Jimbaran still retains a village vibe, with a sprawling produce market, an ancient temple and a fascinating fish market.

      Nusa Dua is a gated complex of four- and five-star hotels. Most face a perfect beach, with clean sand and calm waters, and many cater very well for families, with a kids’ club, splash pool for children, and plenty of activities to keep the young ones occupied and engaged. While the beaches are public, all accommodation is upmarket and pricey.

      Tanjung Benoa is a more affordable alternative to neighboring Nusa Dua. The beach is good, but not as idyllic as Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, but very crowded and noisy in parts because Tanjung Benoa is the epicenter for watersports on Bali. Jet-skis and parasailers are everywhere, which spoils the chance of peaceful walks and safe splash time for the young ones.

      To sum up, Jimbaran suits your needs regarding the beach, and a few hotels there are family-friendly, while the beach and hotel facilities are even better at Nusa Dua if your budget can stretch that far. And avoid anywhere up the coast from Seminyak.

  10. Best Bali Beach to Snorkel

    What’s the best area for snorkeling directly from the beach?

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      The best places for snorkeling in Bali directly from a beach that has accommodation and tourist facilities are Padangbai; Amed; Tulamben; and Nusa Lembongan island.

      Even better snorkeling directly from remote beaches with limited or no facilities for tourists, include Crystal Beach on Nusa Penida island; and Pasir Putih (near Candidasa).

      Normally, we would recommend the Gili Islands (along the coast of neighbouring Lombok but easily accessible from Bali), where it’s even possible to see turtles and manta rays while sitting on the beach! However, all three islands were recently devastated by earthquakes. Many hotels and restaurants have been damaged, but authorities hope that things will return to some sort of normality by November.

  11. Honeymoon Luxury Resort in Bali

    I am planning a honeymoon and I would like to stay at a luxury resort or villa in Bali. I love white sand beaches with palm trees that are surrounded by lush greenery. I also would like the water to be bright blue. Do any of the Bali beaches have reefs near the edges? I am wondering if that makes swimming difficult or if it makes the water look less blue. Can you recommend any beaches/accommodations in Bali that would fit my preferences? I would love to feel like I am in a lush, luxurious, tropical paradise. So I am wondering if there are any beach-front accommodations that also have the “jungle paradise” type of feel that Ubud seems to have. I would possibly be open to staying at 2 different places if you can’t get both a beautiful beach experience and a lush jungle experience at the same place. What do you recommend?

    1. Bali Dave The Bali Expert

      There are plenty of luxury resorts and villas across Bali, and no shortage of palm trees and beaches with blue water. No beaches really have reefs of any note just offshore, and the reefs don’t affect the color of the water or interfere with swimming.

      Bali is certainly a tropical island paradise, but also densely populated, and extremely busy with tourists. Therefore, perfect beaches with luxury resorts are in areas that are very built-up, and lack anything like lush jungles or forests anywhere nearby.

      More remote beaches, like Pemuteran, have resorts with forest-clad mountainous backgrounds, but the sand is grey. Amed offers a spectacular volcano setting, but the beaches are very rocky. And the only white-sand beach with a forest (not jungle) backdrop is Padangbai, but it doesn’t offer any luxury resorts.

      Being in the highlands, the outskirts of Ubud are surrounded by forest (and rice-fields). This is not African-style jungle, but the highlands are certainly packed with palm trees and tropical plants.

      As you suggest, it’s best to separate your honeymoon into 2 parts.
      1) Stay at a luxury resort or villa beside a prime beach of blue waters and white sands. Assuming you want somewhere quiet, look at
      Nusa Dua, a secure enclave of luxury resorts, without the traffic, noise, and street-sellers of most other regions. Ideal places to consider include The Laguna or St Regis resorts.
      Jimbaran beach, which has the very romantic Four Seasons and the delightful Belmond Jimbaran Puri hotels.
      2) Barely an hour from Jimbaran or Nusa Dua, Ubud is less developed and more tropical, but, of course, there’s no beach. Luxurious, romantic, and convenient resorts in Ubud include
      ARMA Museum Resort & Villas – iconic, and part of a museum complex with beautiful gardens
      Tjampuhan Hotel – historic and facing a ravine packed with tropical forest
      Komaneka at Bisma – so sumptuous and secluded, but also central
      Alam Indah – not a resort, but small and Balinese-style, it’s right on the edge of Monkey Forest and would be perfect.
      Otherwise, you may consider somewhere quieter and more tropical like Fiji or Vanuatu?

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